Services available at Ink'd Beaut'e Studio Birtinya

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Eyebrow Tattoo Variations

Ink’d Beaut’e Studio offers a range of eyebrow tattoo options, from feather, ombre, powder, and combination.
Stimulating hair strokes combined with our own contour technique. This blends through to give a realistic brow look which mimics your own brow hairs. Always a good starting point for anyone nervous of getting an eyebrow tattoo. Results last 12-18 months after touch up.
The look of both powder and hair stroke technique combined. We create hair strokes at the start of the brow and graduate to the rest of the brow for a defined look. Results last 1-2 years after touch up.
The latest and greatest trend, its a graduation of dense colour to soft colour. A powder finish look for clients wanting a more filled finish look, like after having your tinting/ henna brows but still create a natural look. The powder finish always heals true to colour, longer lasting results 1-3 years after touch up.
An entire brow fill for a highly defined makeup look. Longer lasting results 1-3 years after touch up.

Lip Tattoo

This is becoming one of the most popular treatments, with natural and long lasting results, results lasting 2-5 years after touch up.

Eyeliner Tattoo

Water proof and smudge proof, options to choose from top, bottom,thick, thin, winged. Long lasting results after touch up.

Tattoo Removal

Using saline removal solution and a tattoo machine to break down the existing pigment and fade away the colour. Sessions are determined by how much needs to be lighten and/or removed.