Never underestimate the power of perfect eyebrows.

Your trusted Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Casey brings 20 years experience as a beauty therapist owning and operating beauty salons for numerous years to now the cosmetic tattoo industry. Casey is your trusted beautician, using the latest techniques in cosmetic tattooing-feather brows, combination brows, ombre brows, powder brows, lip tattoo, eyeliner tattoo and tattoo removal.

Not only is Casey a perfectionist, but Casey brings a wealth of knowledge to ensure all her clients get the results they want.

Ink’d Beaut’e Studio offers a range of services, ensuring we have the perfect treatment for your cosmetic tattoo journey.


Eyebrow Tattooing

Ink’d Beaut’e Studio offers a range of eyebrow tattoo options, from feather, ombre, powder, and combination.

Lip Tattooing

This is becoming one of the most popular treatments, with natural and long lasting results, results lasting 2-5 years after touch up.

Eyeliner Tattooing

Water proof and smudge proof, options to choose from top, bottom,thick, thin, winged. Long lasting results after touch up.

Tattoo Removal

Using saline removal solution and a tattoo machine to break down the existing pigment and fade away the colour. Sessions are determined by how much needs to be lighten and or removed.